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MaxoMagic’s Layla treeing a bear

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”… attributed to Bernard of Chartres.
“Cattle die, kinsmen die, I myself shall die, but there is one thing I know never dies; the reputation we leave behind at our death”  from the “Havamal”
In keeping with the above, I wish to give special thanks and recognition to the following individuals who have unselfishly shared their wisdom, knowledge, expertise and encouragement.

  • Igor Faramazov – for facilitating the purchase of “Mishka”
  • Vadim Boutym (rip) – for allowing us to purchase “Olivia Saksoniya”
  • Mr Khegay – for allowing us to purchase “Nik Han”
  • Ms D. Marazov – for allowing us to purchase “Hammer”

I also wish to recognize Alva Rosenberg, William Kendricks, Peggy Adamson who have encouraged me to follow my heart in the pursuit of my dream to be the best I can be.  I can only hope that when I am gone, I will be remembered as having left a positive footprint in the development of the Central Asian Shepherd in the USA.


Some photos from Maxomagic Central Asian Shepherd Kennel
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