About MaxoMagic Kennel

Maxomagic Central Asian Shepherd Kennel was founded in 1999 by the late Victoria Evans. sharkey4.jpg


Ms. Evans was joined by Stephen  Nash in 2004.  They realized that to have a viable and sustainable breeding program, quality unrelated bloodlines would have to be introduced. This led them to travel to Uzbekistan, and the importation of Nik Han, Hammer and Mishka, quality dogs of different bloodlines.  Additionally, they were fortunate to have been able to acquire Olivia Saksonia, one of the last representatives of the famed Saksonia Kennel and an import from the Ukraine. Along with MaxoMagic’s Angel, these dogs can be considered the foundation of the MaxoMagic line. More about these foundation dogs can be found here.

We  have competed in the show ring and have always conducted ourselves in an ethical and professional manner. We have been awarded the coveted Best-in-Show Award with many of our dogs at UKC, ARBA, and NAKC shows.

Our puppies are born in our home, handled from birth and socialized extensively.
Our central Asians have been placed in homes with Asberger and Autistic children as well as with bi-polar individuals. Their loving and gentle nature have proven to be therapeutic.

We have also worked with the local probation department.  With the help of a teenager in need of supervision, we were able to meet the requirements for certification of 5 of our Central Asians as Therapy Dogs. They now serve as ambassadors of the breed by visiting area nursing homes.

To date, we have imported and/or bred more than 25 champions in the UKC venue alone. We have won Best-in-Show and/or Reserve Best-in-Show with many different Central Asians.  We have competed in the UKC Premier Dog Show and have placed in group with 6 different Central Asians. They are the only Central Asians to have placed in Group at the prestigious and competitive Premier as of 2013.

Maxomagic Central Asian Shepherds have also distinguished themselves on ranches in Oklahoma, farms in Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia where they protect livestock from predators.
However, the vast majority of our dogs are family pets and guardians where with their loving, tolerant, and gentle nature, have worked their way into the hearts of their extended family.

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