About Us- The team behind MaxoMagic Central Asian Shepherd

DeenerMaxomagic Central Asians was founded by the late Victoria Evans in 1999. Prior to that, together with her father, she bred German Shepherds on a small scale. Victoria bred and championed many of our early Central Asians. She had a great sense of community. Her early dogs, Sharky, Taz, and Zorro, while not incorporated into the Maxomagic Bloodline, distinguished themselves by their frequent visits to the Country Side  Health Center, in Buchanan, Georgia. With the purchase of Angel she embarked on a breeding program which resulted in many Champions, Group Winners, and Best-in-Show winners. Ms. Evans championed Angel in ARBA, NAKC, UKC, and has shown her in multiple Best-in-Show awards.  Angel is the cornerstone of the MaxoMagic line, and can be considered an icon of the breed in the USA.

Ms. Evans had recently started her judging career with the NAKC specializing in the Russian breeds and especially the beloved Central Asian Shepherd. She also owned and championed a South Russian Ovcharka and frequently exhibited a Caucasian Ovcharka in the show ring.

In 1999 Ms. Evans traveled to Uzbekistan to increase her knowledge of the Central Asian Shepherd, to personalize what had been “internet” relationships, and to arrange the purchase of genetically diverse Central Asians of superior quality.  Her efforts led to the importation of Royal Gift of Asia’s Nik Han, the Best-in-Show winner at the Aziat show in Moscow, Russia.  As a result of her journey to the cradle of the breed other Centrals soon found their way to Maxomagic; Hammer is a multiple Best-in-Show winner; Mishka is an import from Kazakhstan by way of Uzbekistan.

Sadly and unexpectedly, Victoria passed away in 2011 from a previously undiagnosed heart condition.  All who knew her can attest to her love of the breed, her knowledge, and integrity. Victoria Evan – left a big void in the hearts of many and is sadly missed and happily remembered by her friends and colleagues.

Stephen Nash

Stephen Nash has actively bred working dogs since 1967 and judged dogs since 1972.  His involvement with livestock guardian breeds began in 1973 with the purchase of two Tibetan Mastiffs imported from Nepal.  He formulated a successful breeding program under the name of “Ausabe Tibetan Mastiffs.” The Tibetan Mastiffs can be considered a “sister breed” to the Central Asian, as they have many traits in common.  With his wife Linda they founded the Tibetan Mastiff Club of America. He was president and representative to the AKC from 1976 to 1983. Ausable Tibetan Mastiffs and their descendants are represented throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  They have successfully competed in such prestigious venues as Crufts, Westminster, and the World Dog Show.

Steven’s introduction to the Central Asian Shepherd dates to 1976 when he was introduced to a magnificent import from Afghanistan named Kachook.  More recently, he judged the breed in 2003 at NAKC shows and in 2004 he accompanied Victoria to Uzbekistan on a quest to find Central Asians of superior quality to augment her already established breeding program.  This trip was a huge success, having resulted in the importation of three of Maxomagic’s foundation dogs; Nik-Han, Mishka, and Hammer.  Stephen and Victoria have co-owned Maxomagic Central Asians until her untimely death in 2011.  He brings six decades of experience and expertise to the table resulting in the Central Asians of quality brains and beauty.

 Sundance QueenStephen has judged for the following organizations:

  • AMALI – Alaskan Malamute Association of Long Island
  • ORBA – Oriental Rare Breeds Association
  • Tri States Rare Breed Association
  • ARBA – American Rare Breed Association
  • CTMA – Chinese Tibetan Mastiff Association, Taiwan, Republic of China
  • NAKC – North American Kennel Club
  • Kaochung Kennel Club – Kaochung, Republic of China (and FCI affiliate)
  • FIC – Federation of International Canines
  • SACCI – Society in America for Cane Corso Italiano

Major Judging Assignments:

  • Tibetan Mastiff Club of America – Regional Tibetan Mastiff Specialty, Seattle, Washington
  • Tibetan Mastiff Club of America – National Specialty, Sacramento, California
  • 1st Cane Corso National Specialty – Washington, DC
  • Portuguese Pointer National Specialty – New Jersey
  • Chinese Tibetan Mastiff National Specialty, Taipei, Republic of China (3 occasions)
  • Kaochung Kennel Club – All working breeds Kaochung, Republic of China

Publication featuring dogs bred by Stephen:

  • First Asiatic Breeds by Elizabeth Legl-Jacobson
  • Tibetanische Hunde by Winfred Nouc
  • The Encyclopedia of Dogs by Simon and Schuster
  • The Dog Lovers Anser Book by Elizabeth Shuler
  • The Bandit of Kabul by Jerry Bisler
  • Kings Dog Magazine – a Taiwanese Publication
  • I Love Tibetan Mastiffs – edited by Andrew Wang

Daniel Nash

FamerlaneDaniel has lived life-long with livestock guardian breeds. He has been an invaluable asset to MaxoMagic, working tirelessly behind the scenes, whelping litters, socializing and lead breaking puppies, planning and assisting in breeding as well as preparing our dogs for the show ring.  Over the years he has developed a keen eye for the breed type, movement and structure. Even with limited show experience, he has championed many of our Central Asians, taking Borot to a Group 3, Famerlane to a Group 2, and Sundance Queen to a Group 3 at the very competitive and prestigious UKC Premier Dog Show. He also exhibited Katie’s Kaleidoscope to Best-in-Show. Daniel is quickly becoming the new face of Maxomagic, and I have every confidence that he will continue in the tradition of both Victoria and myself.

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