Mission Statement

The conduct of our breeding program and public engagement will be governed by our mission statement.  This page sets forth the principles we choose to uphold.

  • To breed Central Asian Shepherds in a responsible manner, paying close attention to their health, temperament and structure.
  • To create a distinct and recognizable blood-line of superior dogs, by following our well-established breeding practices.
  • To demonstrate the versatility of the Central Asian as show dogs, flock guardians, therapy and service dogs, family pets and other venues as appropriate to the breed.
  • To introduce the Central Asian to the canine community in a positive way and educate them about the qualities of the breed.
  • To protect the Central Asian from exploitation by portraying the breed honestly and accurately, and by making a real effort to match the right puppy with the prospective puppy buyer.
  • To preserve the inherent qualities of the breed without materially changing the breed.
  • To give back to the community by participating in educational seminars, attending dog friendly family events and actively participating in functions in support of persons with disabilities.
  • To continuously educate oneself, periodically re-evaluating our breeding program, and to seek out expert advice from other long time breeders, and established dog experts.
  • To operate in a transparent manner, honestly reporting both our successes and our failures, so others can learn from our mistakes.
  • To conduct our-self in a professional manner, freely offering encouragement and advice to those new to the breed, and to encourage other breeders to do the same.

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