Our Guarantee

This is a contract in its’ simplest form.

The buyer agrees to purchase a puppy from me. The buyer agrees to provide a healthy, safe environment for the puppy complete with proper training and socialization. The buyer agrees to maintain vaccinations, health checkups and appropriate veterinary care and absorb the cost there-in.  The buyer agrees to provide a healthy diet consisting of food formulated for large breeds (under no circumstances should your puppy be fed “puppy food” after the age of 3 months). The daily care and maintenance of your puppy is the buyers responsibility. The buyer agrees to provide appropriate shelter, in a fenced yard if kept outdoors, or in the home.

The seller guarantees the puppy will be in good health and be current with its vaccinations at the time of delivery.  The puppy is guaranteed to be free of any congenital defect.  The Central Asian Shepherd puppy will be outgoing, confident and well socialized if continued by the owner. Careful breeding and genetic selection of breeding dogs to ensure your puppy will not develop severe hip dysplasia. The puppy will have been carefully evaluated and chosen to meet the requirements of the buyer, both for temperament and conformation. Should the puppy be sold as a “show prospect” the puppy will be carefully evaluated with over-all conformation and gait.

Most importantly, we are committed to placing our puppies in loving homes. I am basically asking that you be a responsible owner, love and care for your puppy, raise him/her to be a family member, and absolve the breeder for the actions of your dog should you not follow my recommendations for training, healthcare, feeding and ongoing socialization.  I am asking that you treat your dog with love, as you would a child.

Should you be dissatisfied with your puppy for any reason we ask that you return him to us within 30 days for a replacement puppy or a full refund, excluding shipping costs.


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