Foundation Dogs

The Foundation Dogs of Maxomagic Central Asians.  These are the dogs which formed the basis for our breeding program. As any chef will attest, to make a quality stew, one must start with quality ingredients. Chefs may differ as to the relative amounts of each ingredient in the stew, as cooking is both science and art. So it is with breeding dogs. The key ingredient being the quality of foundation dogs, and the way they are incorporated.

Maxomagic Central Asian Shepherd Dogs – Foundation stock

UKC Champion Olivia Saksonia


Olivia Saksonia. UKC Champion Central Asian Shepherd

UKC Champion Olivia Saksonia is an import from the Ukraine. Olivia is one of the last representative of the breed by famed Aaksonia Kennel. She is sound of body and mind having completed her requirement as a therapy dog. She is a large, heavily boned bitch, and has been incorporated to the MaxoMagic bloodline.

We feel fortunate to have been able to acquire her.



UKC Champion Maxomagic’s Angel

angel2-Medium.pngMultiple Best In Show, Rairites International Champion, ARBA master Champion, UKC Champion “Maxomagic’s Angel” a foundation bitch of MaxoMagic Central Asian Shepherd dogs. Pictured below as a veteran and an youngster getting Best In Show.  Angel was virtually unbeatable in her prime.She had flawless movement, excellent temperament and a willingness to please, traits passed on to her champion off springs.angel1-Medium.png

UKC and Rarities Champion Al Amir’s Hammer


Maxomagic’s Al Amir’s Hammer

Home to multiple Best In Show, Rarities, and UKC Champion, “Al Amir’s Hammer” an import from Uzbekistan, sire of many UKC champions and a foundation dog of Maxomagic Central Asian Shepherd Dogs. He is a large, extremely heavily boned dog and has sired many champions for Maxomagic. He is pictured here as a youngster, winning one of his many Best In Shows.

UKC Champion Mishka

Famerlane-Small.pngHome to UKC Champion “Mishka of Maxomagic” an import from Kazakhstan, via Uzbekistan. Mishka is the sire of UKC Champions, is well balanced and has a flowing, powerful gait. He is a foundation dog of Maxomagic Central Asian Shepherd Dogs.Pictured earning his UKC Championships and with Daniel Nash at home.mishka2-Medium.png

 Royal Gift of Asia’s Nik Han

 We at Maxomagic traveled throughout Uzbekistan, cementing internet friendships and making new contacts enabling us to purchase Nik Han, Hammer, and Mishka. These stud dogs, genetically unrelated and of superior quality has translated into a viable breeding program. Along with Olivia Saksonia, the import from the Ukraine, and Maxomagic’s Angel they are the excellent cornerstones of the Maxomagic Central Asian Shepherd Dogs bloodline.foundation1-Medium.png

Royal Gift of Asia’s Nik Han


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