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Vics Pick (Small)

Central Asian Shepherd Vics Pick. Maxomagic kennel

As the number one breeder of top performing and winning dogs in the United States Maxomagic Kennel is  your best source for a Central Asian Ovcharka puppy.

How can you get one of these awesome guardian dogs to join your flock of protect  your household?

Simply use the contact us button on this website and you will be on your way to discuss your needs and asses your suitability for owning one of these rustic and dependable dogs.  Steve will guide you through the process and asses if you are a a good match for his dogs.

While you are here you may want to visit our gallery to see some photos of our foundation dogs and other top performance Central Asian Shepherds.

Good luck in your search for a Central Asian Ovcharka / Central Asian Shepherd, CAS, CAO Alabai.

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